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Zippers became popular in clothing after Schiaparelli promoted them in 1933 .

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The color Pink had only recently become associated with a specific gender, and in the 30s, that gender was boys. Suntans (called "Sunburns") also came into vogue in the early part of this decade.

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The center of fashion for China was Shanghai. The main dress for women was cheongsam (qipao), which became slimmer and more skintight in order to acomodate new activities from the Western lifestyle (such as swimming, dancing and golf). Men generally wore a gown and over-jacket, and civil servants wore a tunic suit called a Zhongshan Zhuang.

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Clothing had become progressively westernized since the end of the last century.  The thirties saw flare-skirts, blouses and one-piece dresses coming into vogue for women; there were also handbags and greater varieties of shoes than before.[1]

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In the 1930s, the Japanese were increasingly adopting Western fashions.